Earn your Master of Education

Interested students who complete the Early Childhood teacher certification program of MCMS are eligible for a Master of Education through Goucher College.

Goucher College is located on 287 wooded acres in Towson, about 8 miles north of downtown Baltimore. Since its founding in 1885, Goucher has been committed to offering an excellent liberal arts and science education. Goucher has been involved in teacher training since 1915 and now offers a Master of Education degree in collaboration with Sheppard Pratt.

In order to obtain a Master of Education at Goucher, students must complete 36 credit hours. For students who have successfully completed our program, only 21 credit hours are needed to obtain an MEd. A transcript showing the completion of our program must accompany the application to Goucher College.

In addition to the course requirements of the Maryland Center for Montessori Studies, students are required to complete the following courses in order to receive a Master of Education degree with specialization in Montessori Studies from Goucher College.

Core Courses (15 credits)


601. Theories of Development (3 credits)

Discussion of the major theories of development and their application to child rearing, education and teaching: cognitive, social cognition, moral, psychoanalytic, humanistic, behavioristic, maturational, ecological and social learning theories.



602. Education: A Sociological Perspective (3 credits)

A study of the sociological forces prevalent in today’s world and the effects of these forces on children and adolescents. Review and critique of solutions proposed for social problems, including community agencies, health systems, social services, the homeless and out-of-home placements.



603. Personality Development and Self-Esteem (3 credits)

An exploration of the relationship between personality development and self-esteem. Implications for learning, motivation and creativity. Specific strategies and practical methods of enhancing self-esteem.




604. Contemporary Issues in Education: A Look at the Twentieth Century (3 credits)

A study of contemporary issues in context of historical and philosophical developments during the twentieth century. The impact of Dewey, Bestor, Illich and Bloom on contemporary educational approaches, methods and practices.




605. Research Methods (3 credits)

Basic principles of research methodology, design and analysis of data. Evaluation of methodology and design. Application to education.




Clinical Courses (3 credits)

651. Values (1.5 credits)

An exploration of the concepts that support the teaching of values in the classroom. The class will examine value theories and incorporate them into practical applications for students.



One additional clinical course from Goucher (1.5 credits)


Action Research (3 credits)

606. Action Research/Special Project (3 credits)

Implementation of an action research or a special research project. Choice is made individually in consultation with a member of the faculty.



For more information about the Master of Education program, please call Goucher College at (410) 337-6058.

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