Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information about the program at the Maryland Center for Montessori Studies. If you have additional questions or would like to visit our school, please contact us.


I don’t live in the Baltimore area. Will this training work for me?

Yes! All training is done on-site at the Maryland Center for Montessori Studies in Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland. And there are many options to stay in this area through online housing rental options such as Airbnb. In fact, we find that since there is a significant workload of album preparation and writing during the summer 8 week training period, it is easier to focus if you are able to solely concentrate on your work without the added pressures of your daily home life. So that works out well for those adult learners who are not local to this area.


Do you offer financial aid?

MCMS does not participate in Federal or State financial aid programs, but the American Montessori Society Scholarship Fund offers scholarships that are awarded every year. Applications for these scholarships are on the AMS website ( MCMS works in conjunction with Your Tuition Solutions. YTS is a low rate tuition loan program. Additional information about this program can be found online at


What if my degree is from outside the US?

If your degree is from outside the United States, you will need to submit an original “equivalency evaluation” from a NACES member service, such as World Education Services (, reflecting an equivalency to a US Bachelor’s degree or higher.


Do I need to have a Bachelor’s degree?

You do not need to have a Bachelor’s degree to take the training and earn a teaching credential. For those finishing the training who already have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (or international equivalent), they will receive an AMS Early Childhood Montessori Teaching Credential. AMS grants the AMS Associate Early Childhood Credential when the course graduate has a high school diploma or GED, but not a Bachelor’s degree. AMS strongly encourages holders of the AMS Associate Early Childhood Credential to obtain their Bachelor’s degree within 7 years of credentialing. AMS hopes you consider your credential as the beginning of your journey of lifelong learning. Teachers with an Associate credential are eligible for an AMS Early Childhood Credential upon completing the Bachelor’s degree requirement.


How can I prepare for the course?

There are two main steps to prepare. Firstly, the best preparation for taking the course is to organize your schedule in anticipation of becoming a full-time student for the summer. Clearing one’s schedule of commitments, activities, and appointments prior to the course will allow adult learners to give full attention to course-related work and participation during class time.

Secondly, once your application has been accepted, you will be sent The Montessori Foundation unit of study. This self-paced segment of the program is done on your own pace and in your own time. Completion time is estimated between 15-20 hours and should be completed before summer training begins.


What materials should I bring for taking notes?

Students should be prepared for extensive note-taking and most find that laptop computers are a must, in order to keep up. All students will need regular access to a computer and printer, as written assignments must be typed.


Will everyone’s curriculum albums look the same?

All adult learners will receive the same printed presentations and will see the same demonstration of a lesson. But each one is responsible for recording their own notes, illustrations, and other specific information pertaining to each lesson. Our goal is for each adult learner to create curriculum albums that will represent the preciseness of the materials visually and in written form, show in-depth information about each lesson, and yet also reflect the distinct voice of the individual.


What is a Practicum?

The Practicum phase is also commonly known as Student Teaching. The purpose is to provide for the adult learner a supervised teaching/learning experience and a period of observation, internalization, and further study, to bring together the theory and practice of Montessori education. Adult learners typically are hired by a school to work as an Assistant in a Montessori classroom. There is support given by the training center if you need assistance with your Practicum placement. Adult learners should have this placement set before starting their summer training.


Do you have more questions? Please contact us and we’d be happy to help you!


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